The Textile Recycling Valley

Sharing the same goals, the four excellence and competitive clusters, Cd2e (eco-business and eco-transition), T2M (Textile Fashion & Materials), TEAM² and UP-tex have chosen to join forces and combine their know-how and skills in a joint action plan in the Textiles Recycling Valley in order to develop innovation and stimulate economic action in the field of recycled textiles. The main purpose of this Textiles Recycling Valley is to create profitable businesses and sustainable jobs in the textiles recycling business. It has the support of the French government, the Conseil Régional Nord-Pas de Calais and Lille Métropole Communauté Urbaine.

On account of the urgency to structure the textiles recycling sector and to develop the materials from which they will be sourced, but also to develop the collection of used textiles (consumption of textiles is estimated at 600,000 tons per year of clothing, household linen, shoes and workwear compared to the 150,000 tons presently collected), our venture is assisted and supported by a national organization: Eco TLC, the textiles eco-organization.

Through projects


Co-labelled by TEAM² and UP-tex, the CALAFIL project brings together 7 companies to produce, from their own production waste, new products brought to market by themselves.

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